Sustainable Management of Earth's Most Precious Resource

Water is Earth’s most precious resource, something which is particularly evident throughout the western United States where over the years supplies have been insufficient to meet the needs of businesses, communities, farmers, and wildlife.  In different measures, each of these end users requires water which is clean, reliable, plentiful and sustainable.  Of these, sustainability is arguably the most important characteristic of water for only water with this attribute can meet our long term needs. It is with this understanding that Greenstone commits itself to partnering with others in providing stewardship for the sustainable management of water, our most precious resource.

Greenstone is a water company that works with local governments, businesses and developers who seek to increase either the quantity and/or reliability of their water supplies. Greenstone's goal is to advance water transactions that benefit both the public good and private enterprise by providing solutions for the future economic development and diversity of the western United States.

Greenstone brings both experience and expertise to water transactions, in addition to significant financial capital.  With water transaction experience dating back to 1997, its management team understands the importance of considering the positions of all stakeholders when structuring and consummating a water project. As a steward of water resources, Greenstone also gives great consideration to the sustainability of the water resource and is committed to only participating in transactions which further the best interests of the western United States' limited water supplies.

As a developer and owner of reliable, sustainable water supplies, Greenstone looks to deliver or sell these supplies to end users.  Greenstone is eager to work with public and private end users to assist them in gaining access to assured sustainable water supplies.